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International Study Service
International Study Service
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Australian College and Visa Application Assistance

International Study Service is an education consultancy that provides services to overseas students who wish to study in Australia. We pride ourselves in providing professional and tailored consultancy services to improve the quality of education obtained by our valued clients. To achieve this, we seek an individual solution that suits each student’s personal educational journey and professional development.

Why Choose Us

We engage with our clients to obtain a thorough understanding of their needs, desires and aspirations. Understanding our students’ needs, we then provide them a tailored solution to achieve effective delivery of their education requirements.

Services provided include: assistance with visa applications (both student and visitor visa classes); course options; schooling options; career development counselling; and logistics support.

Registered Company

International Study Service is a registered company in both Australia and Thailand, with representatives located across both countries. Our team are bilingual and can communicate with students in their native language to ensure the best engagement and the highest quality outcome with our clients.

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For student assistance, contact us on 0439 280 000

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