Assistance with Visa Applications

We understand that the application process can seem complex and confusing. International Study Service staff have many years experience in student and visitor visa applications and can assist you throughout the process.

We work with numerous schools and colleges to find you, our valued clients, the education options that best suit your needs.

Career Development Counselling

At International Study Service our team understand that identifying and achieving your career path can seem very daunting. We all know that we need have clear aspirations for our career, however, knowing how to get there can often be unclear. International Study Service can guide you on the best ways to improve your education, make yourself more desirable to employers and help you map out your career path.

Our Vision

We know that the Australian education system is internationally respected. At International Study Service our vision is to support you to achieve the best education outcome possible to enable you to pursue a rewarding career path. We seek to work with you and assist you to identify the best courses and undertake education that leads to your future goals.

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Educational Institutions and Courses

At International Study Service we seek to assist you in enrolment in a course that best suits your education needs. We are not affiliated with any school or college.

We have successfully placed students in courses across Australia. We work with schools and colleges located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth.

We have identified a number of courses across several schools and colleges that may be assistance to your career development, these include:

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing and Communications; and
  • General English
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Contact us for student education assistance across Australia, on 0439 280 000

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